Geris anatomic slippers suitable for all of us who spend many hours standing between work or home, equipped with fixed anatomic footbed, very light and above all comfortable! We also have some men's models. Excellent value for money, all our women's slippers cost only 35.-fr /30.-E, sandals 40.-fr / 35.-E, men's models 40.-fr./35.-E


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Shipments in Switzerland and Italy, delivery time 2-4 working days

Shipping cost per pair in Switzerland is 7.-fr, while for the second pair it's free.

Shipping for each pair in Italy 6.-Euro, while for the second pair it's free. if you order 1-2 pairs, shipping cost is 7.-fr / 6E, while if you order 3-4 pairs, shipping cost is 14.-fr / 12E and so on.

NOTE: we do not always have all available numbers due to the continuous sale of our products, but we do replenish every month, so we recommend that you look at the site or contact us for any reservations

Those who want to buy directly, find us at the Ticino markets: every Saturday in Bellinzona, Tuesday in Ascona, Thursday in Locarno

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28. Mar. 2017.

GERIS anatomical slippers for sale online at the Swiss market

GERIS slippers with fixed anatomic structure, shock-absorbing system. Comfortable, and lightweight, with anti-slip for the well-being and health of your feet. Here you can buy our slippers online, entering the MENU option, and then SHOP ONLINE; While for direct purchases you will find us at the Ticino markets: Saturday in Bellinzona and Lugano, Tuesday in Ascona, Thursday in Locarno. Some models can be found at Lema footwear in Giubiasco. Prices start from 35.-fr, excluding postal charges of 7.-fr (with the same price you can order up to 4 pairs). For all questions enter the MENU and use CONTACT option Shipping currently only in Switzerland